A new blog – I hope you join the conversation!

Hi Folks,

I’ve been feeling like this site is a little one sided – all my thoughts and none of yours. So I’ve decided to give blogging a go – hopefully creating a space where the conversation comes from lots of different directions.
I‘ll use this blog to share news about what’s going on in mental health, new training and talks, and hopefully to get some dialogue going about new thinking about recovery.

Cheers, Indigo

  1. Thank you to Indigo and everyone who attended the recent Trauma Informed training. A subject that needs to be talked about and understood more, especially in light of current mental health practices.
    Indigo has given me the courage and resources to speak out and at least open discussion in my workplace.
    I would also like to thank Judith who opened my eyes to different perspectives, some a little difficult to hear, but what in trauma is easy to sit with, I, and many, cannot be turning away from the truth.

  2. The website is looking great – just read your article about the tough questions and enjoyed its clarity and honesty. Thanks for opening the space to comments.

  3. Hi Indigo,
    Want to thank you for a great site and some very valuable training courses. Hope returns when I read your words, it would be wonderful if all those in the mental health merry-go-round accessed your site. As for me, have printed off every page and look forward to learning through you.
    Thank you,

    • Thank you so much Sherie – it’s great to know I am reaching people out there. Stay in touch – I aim to add new articles every month.

      Cheers, Indi

  4. Dear Indigo,
    i just opened my emails and found your email regarding this site which is an AMAZING resource!!
    So proud of you; obviously a lot of work went into it, and you are branching into new areas.
    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and send love,
    Millie xox

    • Thank you Millie! Lovely to know the site has some value … even lovelier to hear from you!
      I hope life continues to be full of wonderful surprises and exciting opportunities for you. We all miss you at the office, so pop in for a hug anytime (we have stamps)!
      Cheers, Indi

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