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Talk Last Night… thank you to a beautiful group of people

I feel I must offer a very heartfelt thank you to the 25 or so people who joined me for my talk last night, “Is Recovery Enough?”. While I give talks all the time, this was the first time I have organised my own venue and promoted a talk on my own. I really wasn’t sure if I would be talking to an empty room! It was incredibly affirming to find that so many people were interested in what I had to share – and to top that off, the respect, intelligence and compassion that everyone brought to their own sharing was just beautiful.

I left the talk last night with a renewed hope for the possibility of real change in mental health – and within ourselves.

I learnt a lot from all of you and feel I have developed the idea of transformation further as well. I can’t wait for the next time we gather.

Travel gently folks,


PS A big thank you to my nephew Adrian for being a gracious ‘doorman’ for the night.

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