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I used to find Christmas really tough. People singing about peace and joy made me want to scream, because inside my head was more like a war zone. I was barely getting by on the disability pension, so of course I couldn’t afford nice presents for anyone. And then there were people reflecting on their achievements and hopes… which made me feel like more of a failure.

If you find Christmas a really hard time of year, you’re not alone, and these pages are for you. I created them because I know how tough this time of year can be. In a way, these pages are my Christmas gift to you.

These pages don’t look at Christmas from the religious perspective, but from a social perspective. In Australia, and many other countries, Christmas has saturated communities and become something beyond religion. Every media outlet, every shop, and almost every home, becomes drenched in tinsel, baubles, and Christmas messages. In this way, Christmas affects us all. I acknowledge that there are many other faiths with festivals and traditions at this time of year, and at other times.

These pages are also a collaboration, and a work in progress. Much of the content comes from others who have generously shared their experiences, ideas and thoughts from their own Christmas struggles. If you have something to add to these pages, I’d love to hear from you. Add a comment at the bottom of this page, or contact me directly.

Getting Through Christmas… pages to explore

Why is Christmas so difficult?

Gift giving when you’re broke

Finding an inclusive Christmas dinner or church service

Getting through family gatherings

Creating meaning at Christmas

When you’re alone at Christmas (still under construction)

The virtual Christmas card project (still under construction)

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Downloadable workbook

These webpages will be available as a downloadable workbook. You can read the 2012 version of this workbook here. The updated version will be on this site before 30 October 2015.


For community organisations

These pages are designed for anyone to use. The content of these pages will be available as a downloadable MS Word file, so that organisations can use and adapt the content for use in community groups and community flyers that address human and social needs at Christmas.

Some of these pages also invite community organisations to contribute information about:

  • Community Christmas dinners
  • Accessible & inclusive Christmas church services
  • Emergency relief & crisis services at Christmas
  • Christmas gift services for families with children
  • Community Christmas events

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