Finding an inclusive Christmas dinner or church service

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Finding an inclusive Christmas dinner or church service

This page is about creating and accessing communities at Christmas. It’s for:
People who are looking for a community to join at Christmas
For example:

  • Free or affordable community Christmas dinners
  • Inclusive Christmas church services
  • Support services at Christmas, such as charitable gifts for children
Community groups
Groups and organisations from around the world to share information about how people can access their communities and services.
Many cities around the world have community groups that offer free or very cheap Christmas dinners. These can be very special events that capture the spirit of Christmas by welcoming all people to celebrate Christmas together.

How to find a Christmas dinner or inclusive service

Check out your local community services for flyers, or search the internet. A useful Google search term is ‘free christmas dinners community charity [type your city]’.

I am hoping that many community groups will also submit information about their services to this page, so keep an eye on the list below.

For community groups and organisations: Promote your Christmas dinners and services here

  • The name of your organisation
  • The country & city
  • What you provide: Christmas dinner / Christmas service
  • How you are inclusive, any costs
  • How to contact you

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