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Are you looking for change, inspiration or specialised advice? My experience puts me in a great position to help.


Facilitator and MC.

I love working with large and small groups, and aim to find just the right balance between humour, a deep respect for lived experience, and an ability to keep sessions focussed, effective and on schedule.



I have spoken at mental health conferences across Australia and the UK. My talks are dynamic, challenging and honest, and always bring together the different strands of my experience as a worker, consumer, child carer of a parent with mental health issues, manager and activist. I aim to inspire change in my talks through deepening understanding and connection between people with different views.

My talks have included a wide range of topics:

  • Personal recovery story
  • Recovery needs, issues and impacts
  • Trauma and mental health
  • Transformation in the community managed mental health sector
  • Suicide prevention
  • The consumer movement and change
  • The peer workforce and peer approaches
  • The hearing voices approach and psychosis
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Voices Vic – Implementing a successful consumer led program
  • Smokefree policies in psychiatric services and consumer rights
  • The benefits of creativity and art in recovery
  • The politics of madness


Consultancy to Build Consumer Participation.

Do you want more consumers participating at your service? Interested in developing consumer leadership or more innovative service delivery?

I have managed an award-winning, predominantly consumer recovery team since 2009, supporting many consumers through volunteering, casual and permanent employment. My personal background includes being a consumer, volunteer, casual, and keyworker in services. These experiences, combined with a background in human resources, give me a unique perspective for what really makes the difference with enabling and supporting genuine consumer participation.

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