Mental Health Training That Makes A Difference

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  • Recovery, Trauma, Emotions

  • Peer work, Consumer participation

  • Keywork, Group work

  • Project management


What’s different about my training?

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I aim to offer something special in all my training courses. To start with, my courses are run in a variety of time formats to suit different needs, including weekend, evening and half day classes.

But more importantly, my training is all about learning what really matters – how we can support genuine, meaningful, self-directed recovery for people living with distress, confusion and exclusion.

My focus is a little different to most other trainers, in part because I wear so many different hats…

  • Four years as a recovery speaker and trainer
  • Expert by experience in my own recovery
  • Survivor of trauma
  • Four years as a keyworker
  • Three years as project manager of a consumer program
  • Child carer of a parent with mental health issues
  • Activist for human rights in mental health
  • Consultant to clinical services
  • Nine years in corporate management roles

…and I bring all these different perspectives into the design of my courses.

  1. Indigo, thank you very much for the workshop you ran for the national Day to Day living forum in Sydney last week. Participants commented on your skillful facilitation and appreciated that you left them with plenty to think about in relation to better including people with BPD labels in their services.

    If we have another national forum next year, we would love to have you back.

    • Hi Melody,

      Thank you so much for the lovely feedback. It was an absolute pleasure to facilitate a workshop around the issues associated with the ‘borderline’ label (of which there are many!). Please pass on my best wishes to the participants of the forum, and I look forward to working with you all again. Cheers, Indigo

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