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Training with Impact

Using Lived Experience for Change:

Introduction to Consumer Speaking and Peer Education


  • 2 day class
  • Suitable for: Current and aspiring consumer speakers and peer educators.

Description: Consumers are increasingly taking on roles as speakers, educators and agents of change in the mental health sector. Some of the areas we talk about include: mental health, recovery, human rights issues, stigma and acceptance, advocacy, mental health reform, and building hope and community connection.

Our lived experiences of mental and emotional distress, difference and exclusion, being consumers of services, and our own journeys of recovery are all extremely valuable in helping others to understand, accept and respond to our needs.

This course offers an introduction to taking on a role as a consumer speaker or peer educator. It is designed to build the skills, knowledge and confidence to be a peer educator in almost any forum – and is delivered by someone who is also a consumer speaker and peer educator.


Supporting and Managing a Consumer Workforce

Specialist training for team leaders, managers and supervisors.


  • 2 day class
  • Suitable for: Team leaders, program managers, supervisors and HR specialists. Suitable for consumer, community and clinical services.

Description: Mental health services are increasingly hiring consumers for their lived experience, while peer work is emerging as a distinct profession. The growing consumer workforce brings many new opportunities, but also new challenges. This course will develop the skills and knowledge needed by team leaders and managers to understand, support and manage consumer workers in this shifting mental health context.

Does your organisation understand peer work?
Have you adapted to best support consumer employees in their roles?


Trauma Image

Introduction to trauma-informed care.

Safety, support and meeting the standards.


  • 2 – 3 day class
  • My most popular course
  • Suitable for: Community and clinical workers, consumers and people with lived experience, families and carers.

Description: While we don’t all need to be trauma counsellors, all Victorian mental health services are now required to be trauma-informed. And given that at least 85% of consumers have experienced trauma, this is a good thing.

This course is not about how to counsel those who have experienced trauma. It is about how we can all work more supportively – as individuals and organisations – within the context of trauma. This includes understanding the impacts of trauma, supporting disclosure, responding to disclosure in supportive ways, and ensuring that our service delivery is sensitive to the experience of trauma. Course material will include a balance of different approaches, including both lived experience and professional perspectives.


Image for keywork master classes

Keywork Master Class Series:

Half-day specialist workshops just for keyworkers.


  • 6 x 3 hour classes
  • Suitable for: Keyworkers with experience.


Description: Keywork master classes provide an interactive, high level learning experience on current topics in community mental health. Each module is focused specifically on the issues and needs of keyworkers. The classes also provide a great opportunity to learn with colleagues and enhance professional practice. You can run just one class, or all six – it’s up to you. Master class topics include:

Master Class One – Lighting the Spark – Goals and motivations
Master Class Two – Creative Paths to Recovery – Creative arts group work
Master Class Three – Nothing About Us Without Us – Enhancing consumer participation & leadership
Master Class Four – Exit Stage Left – Working with time-limited periods
Master Class Five – Be the Change You Want to See – Human rights in community services
Master Class Six – Does the Key Fit? – The future of keywork


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