Join a research project & help improve our knowledge about trauma and mental health


A Melbourne research project is looking at how mental health services ask about and respond to trauma for people who hear voices. Hopefully research like this will help our mental health services become better at responding to trauma.


Are you interested in adding your story to this research?

You can become a participant of the project if:

  • You are based in Australia
  • You someone who hears voices, has used mental health services, and you have experienced sexual assault or abuse, OR
  • You a mental health professional (clinical or non-clinical) who works with people who hear voices

Kath Sellick, the researcher, is a PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, and she is a past colleague and current friend of mine. Kath is a passionate advocate for a better mental health system that respects diversity, and I think she has been a great ally of the consumer movement.

About the project:

This research project involves investigating how Australian mental health and other social services are responding to voice hearers who have experienced sexual abuse or assault. The aim of the project is to get to the heart of what is and what isn’t working for voices hearers when they use Victorian services.

The first stage of this project involves interviewing voice hearers who have survived sexual abuse or assault about their experiences accessing mental health and other social services. The first stage is currently in progress and recruiting participants.

The second stage of the project involves surveying mental health professionals and their practices, attitudes and beliefs when they are working with voice hearers who have experienced sexual assault or abuse. To participate in this survey go to

Visit the research project website



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