Years ago, I was diagnosed with depression, schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder.

They said I’d never recover.

Psychiatrists said I had a serious brain disease. I’d be heavily medicated for the rest of my life, so I’d probably never work again. I’d certainly never be able to write a blog like this.

But they were wrong.

I healed in spite of, and outside, the mental health system. I even came off all my meds.

Today I have an extraordinary life. I’m a well-paid and respected advocate, speaker and mental health advisor. I’ve even been paid to teach clinicians how to do their jobs better.

This blog shares my journey and reflections.

Latest Blog Posts

  • Creating a new voice.
    What happened when compassion replaced clinical objectivity, and creativity replaced compliance. This post is about the time I was supported to create a new voice, to 'job-share' with my scary critical voice. It changed everything....
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  • The seeds of my recovery: A new community and a little Scotswoman.
    In this article I explore how the seeds of my recovery began to take hold after I went to a community-managed mental health service. For the first time, I found control, hope, meaningful connections, and eventually, life dreams....
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  • Speaking unspeakable shame.
    Trauma gave me shame, and shame sent me mad. This post explores how unravelling my own shame in a ‘mock trial’ helped me to heal. Trigger warning: This post explores detailed impacts of child sexual abuse and may be distressing for some people....
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