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It's a space to explore madness, trauma, emotional wellbeing, recovery and healing from the perspective of someone who's lived it.

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Why this blog shouldn't have been written.

I was mad for years. I was supposed to psychotic, unemployed and heavily medicated for the rest of my life.

But the psychiatrists were wrong.

I healed in spite of the mental health system. And my recovery was not about addressing a supposed chemical imbalance in my brain, or about getting rid of symptoms.

Instead, it was about making sense of my life, addressing the impacts of childhood trauma and finding my own power, truth and new ways to live with my madness.

Today I have an extraordinary life that I cherish. I’m a well paid and respected professional consumer advocate, speaker, writer and trainer. I’m sought out for my lived experience of madness, trauma and recovery.

And yes, some days I am still quite mad. Thank goodness.



About my blog articles

My blog shares personal stories and reflections on madness, trauma and recovery:

  • The experience of being diagnosed with schizophrenia, depression & borderline
  • Hearing voices, self-harm, extreme emotions & suicidality
  • Uncovering the impact of childhood trauma
  • Finding ways to heal that weren’t about pills
  • What was helpful and harmful about mental health treatment
  • Reflections on human rights in mental health systems

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Understanding trauma

What is trauma, and why does it affect people so differently?

Coping skills

Coping with distress so we can live to fight another day.

Living with difficult emotions

Anger, fear, shame and sadness can cripple our lives. But finding new ways to understand and respond to these emotions can free us from suffering.


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Latest Posts

  • Creating a new voice
    Creating a new voice
    March 13, 2016 by
    One morning in 2009 I was sitting in the psych ward, working out ways to kill myself, when something unexpected and creative happened to reawaken my lost hope. I was being plagued by a terrifying voice in my head. I thought I was evil and had to be destroyed. The psychiatrist had ignored what I wanted and needed and was putting me back on medication and forcing me to stop my trauma therapy. I was despairing. In the...
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  • The seeds of my recovery: A new community and a little Scotswoman
    The seeds of my recovery: A new community and a little Scotswoman
    November 6, 2015 by
    'I am not sure when it happened.   But at some time between naming the dream, and starting to work towards it, in a myriad of tiny little ways, the dream began to take hold of my heart. It transformed from a joke into a deep motivation.   I wanted to do this. Kaz would help me to do this. I could do this.'   How the seeds of my recovery began to take hold after I went to a community-managed mental health service....
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  • Speaking unspeakable shame
    Speaking unspeakable shame
    October 4, 2015 by
    The night I put myself on trial and began to see my madness and shame in a whole different way.   Childhood trauma gave me shame, and shame sent me mad, growing over time like a mad monster.   How unravelling my shame in a ‘mock trial’ helped me to heal.   Trigger warning: This post talks in detail about the emotional impacts of rape. ...
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