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Creating a new voice

Creating a new voice

One morning in 2009 I was sitting in the psych ward, working out ways to kill myself, when something unexpected and creative happened to reawaken my lost hope.

I was being plagued by a terrifying voice in my head. I thought I was evil and had to be destroyed. The psychiatrist had ignored what I wanted and needed and was putting me back on medication and forcing me to stop my trauma therapy. I was despairing. In the midst of this seemingly inescapable torment, I was visited by someone who showed me a way out. Something unexpected, creative and new.

I wonder if there is anyone who could job-share with the judge? You know, so he’s not so alone? Could you create another voice to work with the Judge?

Trigger warning: This article talks about self-harm, suicide and child abuse, although it does not go into detail. It may be distressing for some people to read.

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The things I want don’t change when I’m unwell.

The things I want don't change when I'm unwell.

‘The service that was supposed to be there to help me was recreating my worst horrors. It breaks my heart.’
I was interviewed about my experience of compulsory treatment by The Age newspaper, for a story about Victoria’s new Independent Mental Health Advocacy service.

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